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Previous Afro Latina’s Brunch

Previous Afro Latina’s Brunch

Tea Party
April 2019

Join us for a fun tea party. We will get educated about three flavors of tea and talk about representation in our Afro Latin community.

Previous Afro Latina’s Picnic

Previous Afro Latina’s Picnic

Afro Latina Annual Picnic
June 2019

Be Prepared to have fun. Everyone is invited. Tell a friend to tell a friend.

Afro Latinas First Retreat
May 2020

Ever wanted to explore a country in a non-traditional-tourist way? This is your chance to visit the country of Panama, going back to the AFRO roots of it all, explore the country with natives and indulge with delicious Afro-Caribbean cuisine.

May is Panama’s National Black Heritage month so this a perfect time for this retreat.